Aluminum Walk-In Greenhouse - 6' x 8'

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This is the ideal greenhouse for a careful gardener, beginner or hobbyist. Its convenient size has ample space to keep plants with ease while maintaining your desired look. The stable and attractive structure adapts to any setting and can be placed on any flat and level surface whether soil, gravel, concrete or paving slabs. The high quality aluminum frame, premium slide-in panels and stainless steel nuts and bolts are all designed for strength, stability and endurance and prevent rusting, tarnishing or fading. The polycarbonate panels are safe and easy to handle and make your greenhouse shockproof and UV resistant.

The structure maintains an even temperature within the range of minus 25 to 60C, providing a protected growing environment with proper insulation from frost. Featuring a sliding door for maximum easy access and additional ventilation and a roof vent to ensure proper air circulation and humidity control; With all these fantastic features, the aluminum walk-in greenhouse will undoubtedly provide an enjoyable and reliable growing experience for all.


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