Broccoli is a 'super food'. It offers Vitamins A and C, protein, potassium, iron, calcium, niacin, dietary fiber and the antioxidant, beta carotene. Growing Tips: Broccoli thrives in rich, loose soil that has been amended with compost or well-rotted manure. For a head start on your crop, sow seed indoors 4 to 6 weeks prior to setting out. For a second harvest in the fall, plant additional seed directly in the garden in late June. Sow 10 to 15 seeds per foot, thinning them to 30cm (12") apart.

Belstar F1 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2302

Broccoli - Belstar F1 (Organic) - Seed Packet

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Broccoli Raab (Seed)

Broccoli - Broccoli Raab - Seed Packet

From $1.99/PK
De Cicco (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2300

Broccoli - De Cicco (Organic) - Seed Packet

Gemini F1 (Seed)

p/n: SU152144

Broccoli 'Gemini F1' - Seed Packet

Green Magic Hybrid (Seed)

Broccoli - Green Magic Hybrid - Seed Packet

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Spring Raab (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM1960

Broccoli - Spring Raab (Organic) - Seed Packet

Stromboli F1 (Seed)

p/n: SU152143

Broccoli - Stromboli F1 - Seed Packet

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Waltham 29 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2315

Broccoli - Waltham 29 (Organic) - Seed Packet

Waltham No. 29 (Seed)

Broccoli - Waltham No. 29 - Seed Packet

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Wok Broc Chinese Broccoli Kichi (Seed)

p/n: SU152217

Wok Broc Chinese Broccoli - Kichi - Seed Packet