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The rumors are true – we can grow delicious juicy cantaloupe in Atlantic Canada! A muskmelon and a member of the cucumber family, garden fresh cantaloupe is a mouth watering treat that far surpasses anything found at the local supermarket. Growing Tips: The secret to growing frost-sensitive plants is to start your seeds indoors, setting the plants out only after the last frost of spring is gone and the soil has warmed up. Work a generous amount of compost or well-rotted manure into the garden prior to planting and lime if the soil is acidic. Cantaloupe requires little maintenance during the growing season, but does ask for regular moisture. A mulch of landscape fabric will repel weeds and retain soil moisture and heat, allowing for higher yields.


Cantaloupe & Melon - Lilliput

From $3.99/PK
Melon Musk Emir F1

p/n: SU171548

Melon Musk Emir F1 (Cucumis melo)

Sweet Granite

Cantaloupe & Melon - Sweet Granite

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