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Eggplant is a warm season crop that thrives in the heat of summer. A healthy addition to any meal, eggplant is high in fiber and a source of potassium, iron and protein. Growing Tips: Sow seed indoors 8 to 10 weeks prior to the last frost. Seed germination is quite slow and a warm soil temperature of 18 to 21°C should be maintained to encourage optimum growth. Plant seedlings in fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny sheltered spot. Kozy Coats can be used to increase soil temperature and create the sub-tropical climate that eggplant loves.

Aubergine F1 Patio Mix (Seed)

p/n: SU150923

Aubergine F1 Patio Mix - Seed Packet

Black Beauty (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2470

Eggplant - Black Beauty - Organic Seed Packet

15% discount
Black Beauty (Seed)


Eggplant - Black Beauty - Seed Packet

Hansel F1 (Seed)


Eggplant - Hansel (F1) - Seed Packet

Not Available
Little Finger (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2466

Eggplant - Little Finger (Organic) - Seed Packet

15% discount