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Kohlrabi is a unique member of the cabbage family that is prized for its mild turnip-flavoured bulbous stem that forms above the ground. This unusual vegetable is a good source of protein, Vitamin C and potassium, and can be peeled and shredded into salads or cooked. Growing Tips: Kohlrabi loves cool weather and may be direct seeded in the garden from late April through July for a continual crop. For an extra early harvest, start seed indoors, transplanting the seedlings outside in early spring. If direct seeding, sow approximately 15 seeds per foot, planting them about 1cm (1/4 – ½”) deep. When the seedlings emerge, thin them to 10-13cm (4-5”) apart.

Kossak F1

Kohlrabi - Kossak F1

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Purple Vienna

Kohlrabi - Purple Vienna

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White Vienna

Kohlrabi - White Vienna

From $1.99/PK
Azur Star (Organic)

p/n: HM2304

Kohlrabi - Azur Star (Organic)

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