Onions are cool weather crops that grow well in the low temperatures of spring and early summer, bulbing up when the temperatures increase in mid to late summer. Their natural pest repellence makes them great companion plants and their indispensable flavour and versatility in cooking make them a staple in the kitchen. Onions are a significant source of potassium, protein and fiber. Growing Tips: Start seed indoors 8 to 10 weeks prior to setting out. When planting, do not set transplants too deeply in the garden, but instead just cover the base of the plant with enough soil to hold it in place.

Candy Hybrid (Seed)

Onion - Candy Hybrid - Seed Packet

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Cortland (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2684

Onion - Cortland (Organic) - Seed Packet

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Halblange (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM3188

Parsnip - Halblange (Organic) - Seed Packet

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New York Early (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2703

Onion - New York Early (Organic) - Seed Packet

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Parade Bunching (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2672

Onion - Parade Bunching (Organic) - Seed Packet

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Purplette (Seed)

p/n: SU173609

Onions - Purplette - Seed Packet

Red & White Mix (Seed)

p/n: SU172488

Onions - Red & White Mix - Seed Packet

Red Carpet F1 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2681

Onion - Red Carpet F1 (Organic) - Seed Packet

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Salad Onion Apache (Seed)

p/n: SU172510

Salad Onion Apache - Seed Packet

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Simiane Shallot (Seed)

p/n: SU177907

Onions - Simiane Shallot - Seed Packet

Spring Onion Red & White Seed Tape

p/n: SU186307

Onions - Spring Onion Red & White Seed Tape - Seed Packet

Tokyo Long White - Bunching (Seed)

Onion - Tokyo Long White (Bunching) - Seed Packet

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Utah Sweet Spanish (Seed)

Onion - Utah Sweet Spanish - Seed Packet

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Walla Walla (Seed)

p/n: SU173943

Onion Walla Walla - Seed Packet

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