How Back to the Roots is making products that ask the right questions

How Back to the Roots is making products that ask the right questions

For many residents in the core of Halifax City and the Metro area, urban farming is a great way to reconnect with what it means to plant and eat food that’s often healthier than store-bought alternatives and a lot of fun to grow.

It’s for this reason that Back to the Roots is a company worth keeping an eye on. Their claim to fame is in producing products that inspire families to ask “where does my food come from?” - it’s an auspicious undertaking and one that rings close to home for Halifax Seed. 

Their most recent success story is a closed-loop ecosystem called Water Garden that was fully funded on Kickstarter. For your money you’re getting a countertop garden and fish tank all in one. The fish feed the plants, and the plants clean the water. It's a win win!

It all comes down to hydroponics, or the growth of plants without using any type of soil. You care for the fish, and you generate a sustainable, clean urban farm. Dill, basil, chives - think of a herb and you can probably grow it. The product's community of owners have some incredible setups, here, worth referencing.

Though we don't sell the Water Garden itself, we stock just about everything you could ever want to grow with it. If you’re in the market for herbs, seeds or have questions on hydroponic seed growth, drop by one of our locations or contact us at our website!

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