Kiwi - Jenny

Part Number:
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 6
Pot Size:
1 Gallon
Halifax Store:
Not Available
Saint John Store:
Not Available
Requires Winter Protection
Not Available Not Available
Available in Store Only


Kiwi 'Jenny' produces fruits that are very similar to the Kiwis often seen being sold at your local grocery store. Grows best in a moist full sun area. Produces sweet fruit with fuzzy skin. Self-pollinating variety with climbing vines, harvest in August - September. 1 cane per pot.

Zone 6 hardiness, requires winter protection.

Halifax Seed’s Plant Material Return Policy offers a 1-year guarantee on potted fruit up to Zone 4, and a 90-day guarantee on potted fruit Zone 5 and higher. If a plant has died despite reasonable evidence of care, Halifax Seed will replace the plant or offer store credit equal to the original purchase price. Original receipt and defective plant material must be presented to cashier at time of return.


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