Leather Jacket Nematodes

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Is your lawn being covertly invaded by leatherjackets (larvae of flies known as crane flies)? Then it’s time to take overt action with BUG-X OUT Leatherjacket Nematodes! These worms actively prey on leatherjackets, infecting them with a fatal bacteria. When the leatherjacket is dead, the nematodes reproduce and lay their young on the leatherjackets, and a new generation arises to kill more of these pests.

In general, treat when larvae are present and actively feeding, in late April until mid-June and again in early August through October (varies slightly by geographical location).

Best applied when lawn is wet. Time applications around rainy periods or water lawn prior to application. For best results, pair with Green Earth's Grub Buster Hose-End Sprayer, see related products below.