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Organic Collection

Abundant Bloomsdale (Organic)

p/n: HM2872

Spinach - Abundant Bloomsdale (Organic)

Allure F1 (Organic)

p/n: HM2379

Corn - Allure F1 (Organic)

Alto (Organic)

p/n: HM2700

Leek - Alto (Organic)

Out of Stock
Amish Paste (Organic)

p/n: HM3020

Tomato - Amish Paste (Organic)

Antigua (Organic)

p/n: HM2205

Bean - Antigua (Organic)

Astro (Organic)

p/n: HM2010

Arugula - Astro (Organic)

Azur Star (Organic)

p/n: HM2304

Kohlrabi - Azur Star (Organic)

Baby Pam (Organic)

p/n: HM2818

Pumpkin - Baby Pam (Organic)

Out of Stock
Belle Isle (Organic)

p/n: HM1980

Cress - Belle Isle (Organic)

Belstar F1 (Organic)

p/n: HM2302

Broccoli - Belstar F1 (Organic)

Out of Stock
Benning's Green Tint (Organic)

p/n: HM2912

Squash - Benning's Green Tint (Organic)

Black Cherry (Organic)

p/n: HM3004

Tomato - Black Cherry (Organic)

Black Seeded Simpson (Organic)

p/n: HM2550

Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson (Organic)

Bull's Blood (Organic)

p/n: HM2260

Beet - Bull's Blood (Organic)

Burgess Buttercup (Organic)

p/n: HM2930

Squash - Burgess Buttercup (Organic)

Bush Delicata (Organic)

p/n: HM2951

Squash - Bush Delicata (Organic)

Cherry Belle (Organic)

p/n: HM2850

Radish - Cherry Belle (Organic)

Chives (Organic)

p/n: HM5040

Chives - Chives (Organic)

Cortland (Organic)

p/n: HM2684

Onion - Cortland (Organic)

Crimson Sweet (Organic)

p/n: HM3205

Melon - Crimson Sweet (Organic)

Dagan F1 (Organic)

p/n: HM2314

Brussel Sprouts - Dagan F1 (Organic)

Out of Stock
Daikon (Organic)

p/n: HM2862

Radish - Daikon (Organic)

Dazzling Blue (Organic)

p/n: HM2534

Kale - Dazzling Blue (Organic)

De Cicco (Organic)

p/n: HM2300

Broccoli - De Cicco (Organic)

Out of Stock
Delicata (Organic)

p/n: HM2950

Squash - Delicata (Organic)

Detroit Dark Red (Organic)

p/n: HM2280

Beet - Detroit Dark Red (Organic)

Dolciva (Organic)

p/n: HM2334

Carrot - Dolciva (Organic)

Out of Stock
Early Jalapeno Hot (Organic)

p/n: HM2780

Pepper - Early Jalapeno Hot (Organic)

Out of Stock
Early Wonder Tall Top (Organic)

p/n: HM2290

Beet - Early Wonder Tall Top (Organic)

Emiko F1 (Organic)

p/n: HM2381

Cabbage - Emiko F1 (Organic)

Enchanted F1 (Organic)

p/n: HM2385

Corn - Enchanted F1 (Organic)

Out of Stock
Evening Colors (Organic)

p/n: HM7098

Annual - Evening Colors (Organic)

Fanni Common (Organic)

p/n: HM5130

Sage - Fanni Common (Organic)

Farao F1 (Organic)

p/n: HM2366

Cabbage - Farao F1 (Organic)

Out of Stock
Fordhook Giant (Organic)

p/n: HM2343

Swiss Chard - Fordhook Giant (Organic)

French Breakfast (Organic)

p/n: HM2860

Radish - French Breakfast (Organic)

Galilee Blend (Organic)

p/n: HM7060

Annual - Galilee Blend (Organic)

Genovese (Organic)

p/n: HM5000

Basil - Genovese (Organic)

Georgia (Organic)

p/n: HM2553

Greens - Georgia (Organic)

Giant Coral (Organic)

p/n: HM7147

Annual - Giant Coral (Organic)

Giant Italian (Organic)

p/n: HM5104

Parsley - Giant Italian (Organic)

Giant Winter (Organic)

p/n: HM2885

Spinach - Giant Winter (Organic)

Out of Stock
Gold Rush Yellow Wax (Organic)

p/n: HM2232

Bean - Gold Rush Yellow Wax (Organic)

Golden Yellow (Organic)

p/n: HM7149

Annual - Golden Yellow (Organic)

Goldie (Organic)

p/n: HM3181

Ground Cherry - Goldie (Organic)

Out of Stock
Goldy Double (Organic)

p/n: HM7097

Annual - Goldy Double (Organic)

Goodman (Organic)

p/n: HM2313

Cauliflower - Goodman (Organic)

Gourmet Blend (Organic)

p/n: HM2610

Lettuce - Gourmet Blend (Organic)

Out of Stock
Green Mizuna (Organic)

p/n: HM2490

Greens - Green Mizuna (Organic)

Green Towers (Organic)

p/n: HM2586

Lettuce - Green Towers (Organic)

Greensleeves (Organic)

p/n: HM5044

Dill - Greensleeves (Organic)

Guardsmark Chioggia (Organic)

p/n: HM2269

Beet - Guardsmark Chioggia (Organic)

Halblange (Organic)

p/n: HM3188

Parsnip - Halblange (Organic)

Hotshot Mix (Organic)

p/n: HM2518

Greens - Hotshot Mix (Organic)

Howden (Organic)

p/n: HM2820

Pumpkin - Howden (Organic)

Improved Rainbow Blend (Organic)

p/n: HM2350

Swiss Chard - Improved Rainbow Blend (Organic)

Ironman Mix (Organic)

p/n: HM2516

Kale - Ironman Mix (Organic)

King of the North (Organic)

p/n: HM2800

Pepper - King of the North (Organic)

Out of Stock
Lacinato (Organic)

p/n: HM2520

Kale - Lacinato (Organic)

Lemon Balm (Organic)

p/n: HM6090

Lemonbalm - Lemon Balm (Organic)

Lemon Basil (Organic)

p/n: HM5010

Basil - Lemon Basil (Organic)

Out of Stock
Little Finger (Organic)

p/n: HM2466

Eggplant - Little Finger (Organic)

Magnum (Organic)

p/n: HM2783

Pepper - Magnum (Organic)

Mammoth (Organic)

p/n: HM7100

Annual - Mammoth (Organic)

Out of Stock
Marketmore 76 (Organic)

p/n: HM2440

Cucumber - Marketmore 76 (Organic)

Maxibel Haricot Vert (Organic)

p/n: HM2200

Bean - Maxibel Haricot Vert (Organic)

Out of Stock
Mesclun Mix (Organic)

p/n: HM2620

Lettuce - Mesclun Mix (Organic)

Moon and Stars (Organic)

p/n: HM3195

Melon - Moon and Stars (Organic)

Moskvich (Organic)

p/n: HM2976

Tomato - Moskvich (Organic)

Napoli (Organic)

p/n: HM2322

Carrot - Napoli (Organic)

Nasturtium Blend (Organic)

p/n: HM7077

Annual - Nasturtium Blend (Organic)

National Pickling (Organic)

p/n: HM2450

Cucumber - National Pickling (Organic)

Out of Stock
Nevada (Organic)

p/n: HM2561

Lettuce - Nevada (Organic)

New England Pie (Organic)

p/n: HM2840

Pumpkin - New England Pie (Organic)

New York Early (Organic)

p/n: HM2703

Onion - New York Early (Organic)

Out of Stock