Rhubarb 'German Wine' - Bare Root Crowns

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Brightly colored large, red stalks with light red center.

Rhubarb grows well in almost all soil types but does best on well-drained, fertile soil. The field should be free of weeds and well tilled prior to planting. The rhubarb crowns should be spaced 24-48 inches apart and rows should be 3-4 feet apart (or decrease to 2-3 feet apart for smaller gardens). In the first year of planting the stalks should not be harvested, but the flower stalks should be removed. Plant the crowns and roots one to two inches below soil surface and add in some organic matter around the hole. Rhubarb is ready to be harvested when the stalks are bright and shiny red.

Rhubarb is not sold as a potted transplant, but a bare root crown that must be planted immediately, or kept moist until time of planting.

Halifax Seed's Plant Material Return Policy holds no guarantee on bare root fruits or vegetables.


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