Scotts Turf Builder TOUGH Lawn Seed

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If youve got a lawn that needs to stand up to the tough stuff like people, pets, playtime, and pests you need Scotts Turf Builder TOUGH Custom Seed Blend 0.07-0-0.83. This seed blend features a unique mix of Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fine Fescue. That means you get a more resilient lawn that will thrive in tough conditions, including heavy foot traffic. This grass seed is specially coated with ROOT-TRIENTS to help establish turfgrass faster and thicker than uncoated seeds. Scotts Turf Builder TOUGH Custom Seed Blend 0.07-0-0.83 gives you a lawn thats more tolerant to grubs and drought, too. [disclaimers] Approximation based on seed count by species *vs uncoated seed