SunBlaster 24hr Analog Timer

p/n: FH1400599

24hr Analog Timer, 15A (Single Outlet)

Not Available
SunBlaster Collar, Growlight Height Adjustment

p/n: FH1600902

Collar, for the Growlight Garden Height Adjustment (2 Pack)

Not Available
SunBlaster Digital Heat Sheet Controller

p/n: FH1400520

Digital Heat Sheet Controller

SunBlaster Flush Mount Clips

p/n: FH0900237

Flush Mount Clips (4 Pack)

SunBlaster Hang Its' Lighting Suspension

p/n: FH0900287

Hang Its' Lighting Suspension

SunBlaster Hanging Clips

p/n: FH0900299

Hanging Clips

SunBlaster Heat Sheet Propagation Heating Mat

p/n: FH1400517

Heat Sheet Propagation Heating Mat

Sunblaster LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Light

From $79.99/EA
SunBlaster Light Grip Suction Mount

p/n: FH0900090

Light Grip Suction Mount

SunBlaster Micro Growlight Garden Strip Light Combo

Micro Growlight Garden Strip Light Combo

From $99.99/EA
From $59.99/EA
From $4.99/EA
SunBlaster Power Cord

p/n: FH0900241

6' Power Cord with On/Off Switch

SunBlaster Quad Thick Tray

Quad Thick Tray

Sunblaster Solid Link Connectors

p/n: FH0900281

Solid Link Connectors (2 Pack)

Not Available
From $4.99/EA
SunBlaster T5HO Light Kit

SunBlaster T5HO Light Kit

From $36.99/EA
SunBlaster T5HO Replacement Lamp

SunBlaster Replacement Bulbs

From $8.99/EA
SunBlaster T5HO With Nanotech T5 Reflector Combo

T5HO with NanoTech T5 Reflector Combo

From $32.99/EA
SunBlaster Universal Strip Light Stand

p/n: FH0900095

Universal Strip Light Stand

SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger

p/n: FH0900099

Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger

SunBlaster Wicking Mat, Replacement for Growlight Gardens

p/n: FH1600901

Wicking Mat, Replacement (2 Pack) for Growlight Gardens