White Greenhouse Plastic

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Greenhouse Plastic
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Dura-Film 4 Super is a white, super tough, long-life 55% opacity product that provides the best value in 6mil, 4 year greenhouse film. Dura-Film 4 Super is guaranteed to withstand 48 months/4 years of UV exposure under normal circumstances. Benefits: Outstanding light transmission, haze and clarity ratings help optimize yield in greenhouse applications. A unique manufacturing process and advanced resin technology provide Dura-Film 4 Super"s film with superior tear strength, and high strength at folds reduces the likelihood of punctures and tears in critical areas. Advanced UV stabilizers maximize physical properties for the rated life of the film and help protect film from chemical damage. Bee compatability feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the film, making it easier for bees to navigate and achieve more efficient pollination than with mechanical means.