AutoPot Easy2GO Kit

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The AutoPot Easy2GO Kit is the ultimate holiday watering kit for happy, healthy plants. By incorporating the patented AQUAvalve, the Easy2GO will keep plants watered for weeks using a simple gardening tray and reservoir. The Easy2GO is placed directly onto the tray along with your potted plants and distributes water to the pots from below.

Unlike other holiday watering kits, the Easy2GO provides optimum levels of water to meet the plants requirements – without the need for timers or electricity – ensuring you return from holiday to plants that are thriving.

Not included: tray and reservoir.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • High quality materials
  • High quality design
  • Provides optimum levels of water
  • Perfect for any hydroponic garden
  • Provides a water tight connection
  • Keep plants watered for weeks
  • Provides the ability to create a layout to suit your needs


Price Point:
$20 - $50