Bee Friendly

They may have been terrifying when we were young, but bees play a vital role in the lifecycle of plants. With a little extra knowledge, you may find yourself inviting the once unwelcome honey hoarders into your garden with open arms.

Seemingly carefree as they roam lazily from flower to flower, bees are, without question, the best pollinators you can hope to have frequenting your garden. Nearly three quarters of the food we commonly eat and grow in our gardens, like vegetables, herbs, fruit and even nuts require pollination to reproduce.

With bees on your side, you’ll even see an increase in the yield of your fruits and vegetables. It’s hard to say no to results like that when you come to understand that bees are truly custodians first and aggressors rarely.

Building a hospitable home for bees in your garden can be easy, and once done, will ensure that your plants are sharing the love and distributing or receiving pollen. You might consider buying or building a bee house, or, if you're feeling handy, building one by using a small wooden box or a milk container. Simply coat your box with a bright, low-VOC (non-toxic) paint, and fill it with paper tubes for nesting.

If decorations aren't really your style, we’re happy to help you select from a huge supply of plants that bees are naturally attracted to, here at Halifax Seed. Drop by our location and speak to a specialist for our recommendation on the flowers and plants that will turn your garden into a blossoming safe haven for one of nature’s most undervalued residents.

Here are just a few of our flowers that will have your garden buzzing: Alata MixtureSageSunflowerGolden Jubilee. For more information on which flowers would be suitable, drop into Halifax Seed and one of our garden specialists will be happy to assist you. Happy gardening!

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