Cajun Belle - Seed Packet

Part Number:
Award Winning:
AAS Winner
Latin Name:
Capsicum annuum
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Plant Height:
Start Indoors:
March - Mid April
Starting Method:
Start Indoors
Days to Maturity:
60 Days
Sweet Pepper
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Cajun Belle is a unique, mildly hot but sweet pepper. The peppers are both sweet and savory. Fruit look like small bell peppers about 5x7.5cm (2"x3") with 3-4 lobes. When left on the plant, fruit will change colour from green to scarlet and ripen to deep red. Produces high yields on 60cm (2') tall plants. The peppers have an incredible taste with just the right combination of heat and sweetness- the perfect pepper for stuffing. An All-American Selection (AAS) award winning variety.