Purple Haze - Seed Packets

Part Number:
Award Winning:
AAS Winner
Direct Sow:
All Season
Latin Name:
Daucus carota
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Plant Height:
Suitable for Containers:
Starting Method:
Direct Sow
Days to Maturity:
70 Days
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Purple Haze is the first imperator-shaped purple carrot. Purple is a very trendy color and gourmet chefs are always looking for a new vegetable color. Purple Haze has a purple exterior and orange interior. Circles of cut Purple Haze carrots have two distinct colors: a halo of purple with a bright orange center. The best appearance of Purple Haze will be raw in salads or cole slaw. When cooked in water, the purple color will fade. When carrots are cooked quickly, as in a stir-fry, the purple color will remain. Best of all, Purple Haze tastes great. It has a sweet flavor no matter what color.