Chinch Buster Nematodes

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Green Earth Chinch Bug Buster Nematodes suppress common, hairy and Southern Chinch Bugs in your lawn and garden.

Nematodes are naturally-occurring microscopic organisms. Naturally present in soils, completely harmless to non-target species. Nematodes die when grub population is reduced. They do not persist in the soil. Green Earth Chinch Bug Nematodes are a natural and safe alternative to pesticides.

Easy to use, simply mix and spray. Each package covers 300 m2 (3,000 sq. ft.). For best results, apply when there are approximately 25-30 insects per square foot.

Unique zero-waste packaging, which is 100% bio-degradable potato and rice based plastic. Package does not require refrigeration. For best results, pair with Green Earth's Grub Buster Hose-End Sprayer, see related products below.