Chinch Buster Nematodes

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If you’re faced with a chinch bug infestation, and you don’t want to use a chemical pesticide, turn to Mother Nature instead! Beneficial nematodes are small microscopic worms. They are mixed in with water to wake them up and sprayed on grass. Once on the grass blades and on the soil surface, they search for a host, which is usually an adult chinch bug or chinch bug larvae. The nematodes carry a pathogen that they inject into the host insect, and that pathogen multiplies and kills them within a day or two. Then the nematodes lay their eggs on the dead chinch bug. New babies go out and search for more. Mother Nature comes through again.

Each package covers 300 m2 (3,000 sq. ft.). For best results, pair with Green Earth's Grub Buster Hose-End Sprayer, see related products below.