Coneflower Wild Berry - Seed Packet

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Attracts Pollinators:
Attracts Pollinators
Award Winning:
AAS Winner
Bloom Time:
Mid summer - fall
Days to Germinate:
7-21 Days
Drought Resistant:
Drought Resistant
Good For Cutting:
Good for Cutting
Latin Name:
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Moisture Requirements:
Plant Height:
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Outstanding garden performers that bear masses of large daisy-like flowers with dome-shaped centers from mid-summer until well into autumn. Drought tolerant plants combine well with most other perennials. Make excellent and long lasting cut flowers. Pow Wow Wild Berry is a stunning first year flowering echinacea. Produces more flowers on every plant than any other seed echinacea. The unique, intense rose flower petals, surround dark rose-brown centres. Grows 40-50cm (16-20") tall in the first year and 55-60cm (22-24") high in the second year with a spread of 30-40cm (12-16") wide. Easily divided in spring. An All-American Selection (AAS) award winning variety.