Eggplant - Three Knight Collection (Seed)

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Latin Name:
Solanum melongena
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
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Starting Method:
Start Indoors
Days to Maturity:
60 Days
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The ‘Knight’ collection bear slender, smooth-skinned fruits in green, white and deep purple which are suitable for both typical Mediterranean dishes as well as Asian cuisine. Early to mature and high-yielding, fruits are borne on compact, disease-resistant and well-branching plants which are perfect for container-growing in the greenhouse. Height: 75cm (30”). Spread: 60cm (24”).

Aubergine 'Three Knight Recipe Collection' F1 comprises 9 seeds, 3 of each of the following varieties:

Aubergine 'Green Knight' F1 - slender, jade-green fruits which are especially useful as an ingredient in Asian stir fries and curries, with firm flesh and a mild-sweet flavour. Aubergine 'Violet Knight' F1 - long, banana-like fruits with a smooth, deep purple skin. Aubergine 'White Knight' F1 - Asian-type variety producing creamy-white fruits about 20cm long with thin skins and firm flesh.