Fall Flowering Colchicum 'Album'

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Regarded as one of the very best large-flowered colchicums, “Album” is an award-winning variety that bears large, pristine, goblet-shaped, white flowers. Borne on stiff and sturdy stems, “Album’s” blooms are very robust and will not be beaten down and ruined by rain. Its attractive foliage will appear first during the spring months before the blooms arrive in early fall (Sept-Oct). A great choice if you want to extend the flowering season of your garden! Plant the bulbs at a depth of 4”, while also leaving 4” of space between each bulb. “Album” is ideal for adding a bright and bouncy liveliness to areas that have been vacated by traditional summer perennials. The toxic properties of this variety make it deer resistant, however, be cautioned that all parts of Colchicum “Album” are highly toxic to humans and pets. Wear gloves and wash your hands after handling.

The bulbs (corms) don't store well and should be planted soon after you receive them.

Plant now for blooms this fall. Fall flowering colchicum bulbs will naturalize and return for several years if the foliage is allowed to die off.

1 bulb per package.