Flaming Flare - Seed Packet

Part Number:
Award Winning:
AAS Winner
Latin Name:
Capsicum annuum
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Plant Height:
Plant Width:
Start Indoors:
March - Mid April
Starting Method:
Start Indoors
Days to Maturity:
75 Days
Hot Pepper
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The perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavours, Flaming Flare produces beautiful red pointed Fresno peppers that range in Scoville heat units from 500-1000. Fruits average 3.75" x 1", plants grow 30" high by 24" wide. The fruit is ideal for making chilli sauces and the heat of the sauce will increase depending on how late in the season the peppers are harvested. Perfect for culinary gardeners. An All-American Selection (AAS) award winning variety.