Fun To Grow - Crafty Pumpkin (Seed)

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Latin Name:
Cucubita maxima
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
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Starting Method:
Start Indoors
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Your Calendula flowers will be a real magnet for butterflies, bees and other insects as they visit the blooms in search of pollen and nectar. See if you can recognise any of the ‘bugs’ on your stickers and use your magnifying glass to help you get to know them better! ow your seeds individually into small pots on a warm, well-lit windowsill. Cover the seed with compost and watch for the appearance of the small seedlings which should take 5-7 days. Grow on your young plants and put them outside during the day in May to get them used to the outdoors, but bring them back in at bedtime. Plant out in a warm sunny place in early June. Ready to eat or carve from September.