Hot Rod - Seed Packet

Part Number:
Latin Name:
Capsicum annum
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Start Indoors:
March - April
Suitable for Containers:
Halifax Store:
Not Available
Saint John Store:
Not Available
Starting Method:
Start Indoors
Days to Maturity:
77 Days
Not Available Not Available

A medium hot chilli pepper with striking ‘go faster’ stripes on variegated foliage. The stripes will change colour as the fruit ripens, from green and white, to orange and brown, and finally that hot rod red! This chilli pepper has a delicious fruity flavour that gets hotter as the chilli reddens, so you can choose to harvest your fruit according to your taste. Fun to grow and captivating to look at, this chilli plant packs a punch. The chilli fruits are medium hot heat (10-12,000 SHU) and are edible at all stages. The lighter cream leaves may crimp a little, but this is perfectly normal. Harvest when cream to avoid discolouring a cream curry for that homecooked meal for friends. If you love growing your own chillies, we’re pretty sure this one’s going to become one of your favourites.