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Just Sweet - Seed Packet

Part Number:
Award Winning:
AAS Winner
Latin Name:
Capsicum annuum
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Plant Height:
Plant Width:
Start Indoors:
March - Mid April
Starting Method:
Start Indoors
Days to Maturity:
65 Days
Sweet Pepper
In Stock

Just Sweet is one of a kind as it"s flavour is unmatched in taste tests. This sweet mini bell pepper has a lively golden yellow colour (Sometimes creeping to orange) with a uniquely textured surface and crispy yet delicate skin. Fruits grow 3" long with 4 lobes. Plant will set fruit continually throughout the season if kept staked and nourished. Enjoy it raw off the plant, chopped into salads or stuffed! Busy plants grow just over 36" tall. Great for raised beds. An All-American Selection (AAS) award winning variety.