Miniature Small Leaf Clover

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A low growing, environmentally friendly clover with tiny micro leaves that produce their own source of natural nitrogen which feeds your lawn constantly.

Micro clover is a perennial white clover that grows to approximately 4-6 inches tall, making it ideal for a lawn alternative or as an addition to an existing lawn. It is a very fine-leaved white clover, primarily spreading by stolons that travel outwards on the soil surface which root as they come into contact with the soil surface. Micro clover prefers moist soils and at least some direct sun exposure during the day. It does well in a variety of soil types, and can even improve nutrient-poor or compacted soils. This clover tolerates wet conditions as well as drought. It can also tolerate full sun to partial shade applications.

This clover is coated to enhance establishment and improve uniform seeding. 34% coated material by weight, 66% seed by weight.

500 g. per 1,000 sq. ft.