Microgreen Kit

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Microgreens are tasty, nutrient dense, and easy to grow. Halifax Seed's Microgreen Kit has everything you need to grow gourmet microgreens at home!

Each kit contains:

  • Halifax Seed's Mild Microgreen Mix
  • Halifax Seed's Spicy Microgreen Mix
  • 9L bag of Pro-Mix's Seed Starting Soil
  • Humidity dome
  • Two trays

Instructions: Set the growing tray with holes into the base tray without holes. Mix soil with water until the soil is lightly moist. Fill tray with soil, then scatter seeds on top. Seed individual varieties according to general planting directions. Mist seeds and place humidity dome on top. Set the tray near a bright window or under grow lights. After the first set of true leaves appears, simply snip with scissors and enjoy. Change soil and wash the tray every couple of plantings. Plant every week to ensure a continuous supply!


Price Point:
$20 - $50