NemaKnights Ant Attack

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Are you tired of finding ants in your home or anthills in your driveway, sidewalk, and interlock? It might be time to take some control with the Nemaknight Ant Attack pearls. Nemaknights Biological Ant Attack allows for a convenient spot treatment solution that makes controlling anthills much more efficient. Simply flip open the cap, shake the pearls into the anthills and surrounding area, and spray with water!

Based on encapsulated S.feltiae nematodes. 6-month stable shelf life, with extended slow release to control of larval soil pests. For outdoor use. Environmentally sustainable, exclusive organic formulation and 100% pesticide free. No refrigeration required.

Target pests include: common black ants, common red ants, leatherjackets and thrips. 280g package treats approximately 20 ant hills, or ~215sq.ft.