NemaKnights for Grubs, Weevils & Borers

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Do you have a grub, weevil, or borer problem, but the issue is isolated to small areas of your property?

Nemaknights Biological Insect Control allows for a convenient spot treatment solution. Simply flip open the cap, shake the pearls onto the treatment area, and spray with water!

Based on encapsulated S.carpocapsae & S.feltiae nematodes. 6-month stable shelf life, with extended slow release to control of larval soil pests. Pet friendly, suitable for for indoor or outdoor use. Environmentally sustainable, exclusive organic formulation and 100% pesticide free. No refrigeration required. Suitable for spot treatment only.

Target pests include: junebug larvae, chafer beetle larvae, rose and japanese beetle grubs, black vine weevil, cutworms, sod webworms. 280g package treats up to 100sq.ft.