Pea Sweet Gem Sugar Snap (Organic Seed)

Part Number:
Common Name:
Days to Germinate:
7-14 Days
Direct Sow:
Early Spring, Late Summer
Latin Name:
Pisum sativum
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Plant Height:
Halifax Store:
Not Available
Saint John Store:
Not Available
Starting Method:
Direct Sow
Days to Maturity:
63 Days
New for 2024
Not Available Not Available

Strong, sturdy plants that resist lodging and produce abundant harvests of light green pods.

Plants and pods are clean, making for uniform and efficient harvests. Vines top out at 45-52" and have strong resistance to powdery mildew. Excellent flavor with satisfying, crisp texture, and juicy flesh. This variety was developed by Jim Bagget and Dr. Jim Myers of OSU and was further selected by Steve Peters. A portion of the sales of this variety is paid to the breeder - learn more here.

Improved sugar snap type 3-3.5" pods BR Open-Pollinated Disease Resistance Details High Resistance: Powdery Mildew