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PLATs, aka plant mats, are easy-to-use contained work areas for all aspects of plant care. Use PLATs when you re-pot, bottom water, flush semi-hydro, mix soil, need a saucer, make moss poles, and more. Imagine no more tracking soil through your home, leca balls down the drain or water stains when you forget to use a saucer. They're a plant lover's life saver! THE REGULAR PLAT: Measures 12" x 15" and does it all. Repot different plants, mix more soil, bottom water various pots, flush more semi-hydro or do all of it at once. Make life easier with the convenience of containing your plant related mess to make clean up afterwards a breeze. 

**Available colours /patterns ** 

Opaque white background with a daisy print

Opaque white background with white flowers and green leaves

Opaque white background with black branch and tree print

White background with purple leave design graphic

White background with painted green leaf print

Opaque white background with brown and white geometric print

Solid Pink

Solid Blue

For a specific colour/pattern contact or call the store for available options and please the list desired colour in the "Comments/Notes" box on the checkout page.

If no colour is specified, one will be chosen at random.


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$20 - $50