Plant Prod's MJ Fertilizer Program

Simple yet scientific. The Plant-Prod MJ line of fertilizers was designed to bring 70 years of experience to the cannabis growers of today. Plant-Prod is excited to provide products that are scientifically optimized, consistent and completely soluble. Boost, Grow, Bloom, Finisher are available in 2kg buckets, and Spike is available in a 350g jar.

Also available in 15kg bags, please contact one of our retail locations for pricing and availability.

  • Boost 15-30-15 is a high phosphorus formulation that supplies the necessary phosphorus for cannabis transplants and bud sizing.
  • Grow 12-8-26 is specifically formulated for the vegetative growth stage of cannabis plants.
  • Bloom 10-30-20 is an essential formulation to cannabis production. This high phosphorous, moderate potassium formulation encourages full bud set and improves bud filling.
  • Finisher 4-31-37 is a cannabis specific finishing formulation with elevated phosphorus and potassium to encourage fullness and density of buds.
  • Spike (CaMg) has been specifically formulated to meet the high demands of cannabis plants throughout the entire production cycle. This fully chelated supplemental formulation provides ample amounts of calcium and magnesium in a desirable 2:1 ratio. Ratio should be determined based on water analysis.
Option Halifax Store Saint John Store Unit Purchase
Boost 2kg
Low Availability Available
In Stock
Grow 2kg
Low Availability Available
In Stock
Bloom 2kg
Available Available
In Stock
Finisher 2kg
Not Available Low Availability
Not Available Not Available
Spike (CaMg) 350g
Low Availability Available
In Stock

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