Primo TDS Tester

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The Primo 4 tester provide a fast and dependable way to measure the conductivity (EC) concentration of your water samples. It is ideally suited for the rigorous demands of water quality professionals. Temperature is compensated automatically to ensure the readings are consistent to the standard or reference temperature. The temperature correction coefficient, also referred to as ß, is fixed at 2%/°C for EC measurements. With a 3 m (3.3’) cable probe connection, every sample is easy to reach and measure. With Primo 4, operation and routine maintenance has never been easier. Using a single button at the top of the meter, Primo is powered and ready for use. Press and hold the button for a few seconds and Primo automatically enters calibration mode. Simply open a sachet of 5.00 µS/cm calibration solution, dip the probe in, and within seconds the meter automatically recognizes the buffer and stores the calibration.