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Purple Emperor (Seed)

Part Number:
Latin Name:
Tropaeolum majus
Life Cycle:
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Suitable for Containers:
Halifax Store:
Not Available
Saint John Store:
Not Available
Starting Method:
Direct Sow
New for 2022
Not Available Not Available

Nasturtium 'Purple Emperor' is a unique and unusual variety with intricate colouring! These elegant buds open as dark burgundy then fade to shades of dusky rose, providing a classy and vintage look. Its trailing habit makes it ideal to use as ground cover or cascading out of a patio pot or a container on the balcony. Each beautiful bloom has a splash of yellow in the throat of the flower and the leaves and flowers can be used in homemade salads for a peppery taste, similar to rocket leaves! These leaves can also be used to make pesto, for other homemade dishes too.