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Seed Tapes

Seed tapes contain pre-spaced seeds in a tape. Just prepare the soil, draw out a groove and roll out your tape and cover with soil according to package directions. The vegetable seed tapes are biodegradable so will not cause damage to the plant. Most seed tapes are 6m (19') long.

Beet - Boltardy (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU185432

Seed Tape - Beet Boltardy - Seed Packet

Beet - Rainbow Mix (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186304

Seed Tape Beetroot Rainbow Mix (Beta vulgaris) - Seed Packet

Leek - Successional Harvest (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186312

Seed Tape Successional Harvest Leek - Seed Packet

Lettuce - Red/Green Cos Mix (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186308

Lettuce & Greens - Red/Green Cos Seed Tape - Seed Packet

Lettuce - Successional Harvest (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186317

Seed Tape Successional Harvest Lettuce - Seed Packet

Lettuce - Webbs Wonderful (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186319

Lettuce & Greens - Webbs Wonderful Seed Tape - Seed Packet

Onion - Spring Onion Red & White (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186307

Onions - Spring Onion Red & White Seed Tape - Seed Packet

Pak Choi - Crunchy Colour Mix (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186310

Seed Tape Pak Choi Crunchy Colour Mix - Seed Packet

Parsnip - Tender & True (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186321

Seed Tape Parsnip Tender & True (6m) - Seed Packet

Radish - French Breakfast 3 (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186322

Radish - French Breakfast 3 Seed Tape - Seed Packet

Radish - Rainbow Mix (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186306

Seed Tape Radish Rainbow Mix - Seed Packet

Rainbow Mix - Seed Tapes

p/n: SU186311

Rainbow Mix Seed Tapes

Rocket - SEED TAPE

p/n: SU186323

Rocket - Seed Tape

Seed Tape Successional Harvest Carrot

p/n: SU186315


Not Available
Spinach - Perpetual Leaf Beet (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186318

Spinach - Perpetual Leaf Beet (Seed Tape)