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A hardy crop, spinach thrives in the cool weather of spring and autumn. Spinach is also a very nutritious addition to the vegetable garden, as it is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, protein and dietary fiber. Growing tips: Spinach germinates best in cool soil. Plant the seed as soon as the ground can be worked in early spring. A soil pH of 6.5 to 7.4 is ideal. Fall crops may be seeded in late July through August. Plant seeds 12-15 per foot, 6mm ( ¼”) deep in rows spaced 30-45cm (12-18”) apart. Once the seedlings have emerged, thin them to 8cm (3”). Harvest spinach early as plants will bolt.

Greens - Komatsuna Comred F1 (Seed)

p/n: SU178212

Lettuce & Greens - Komatsuna Comred F1 (Mustard Spinach) - Seed Packet

Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing (Seed)

Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing - Seed Packet

From $1.99/PK
Spinach - Butterflay (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2868

Spinach - Butterflay - Organic Seed Packet

Spinach - Giant Winter (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2885

Spinach - Giant Winter (Organic) - Seed Packet

Spinach - Imperial Star Hybrid (Seed)

Spinach - Imperial Green Hybrid - Seed Packet

From $2.99/PK
Spinach - New Zealand (Seed)

Spinach - New Zealand - Seed Packet

From $2.99/PK
Spinach - Perpetual Leaf Beet (Seed Tape)

p/n: SU186318

Spinach - Perpetual Leaf Beet (Seed Tape)

Spinach - Perpetual Leaf Beet (Seed)

Spinach - Perpetual Spinach (Leef Beet) - Seed Packet

From $1.99/EA
Spinach - Perpetual Leaf Beet (Seed)

p/n: SU178435

Perpetual Spinach Leaf Beet - Seed Packet

Spinach - Regiment F1 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2881

Spinach - Regiment F1 (Organic) - Seed Packet

Spinach - Renegade F1 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2884

Spinach - Renegade F1 (Organic) - Seed Packet

Not Available
Spinach - Rubino F1 (Seed)

p/n: SU178436

Spinach - Rubino F1 - Seed Packet

Spinach - Santa Cruz F1 (Seed)

p/n: SU100296

Spinach - Santa Cruz F1 (Seed)

Spinach - Seaside (Seed)

Spinach - Seaside - Seed Packet

From $2.99/PK
Spinach - Tree Spinach (Seed)

p/n: SU178437

Tree Spinach - Seed Packet