Hungry Earth Biochar

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Soil is spectacular. Even more spectacular is healthy, nourished soil and biochar’s role in feeding into this soil food web.

Soil isn’t lifeless, it houses billions of insects, bacteria, fungi, and crucial microbes that create strong plants, starting at the root.

Kind of like Earth’s stomach, soil can consume, digest, and cycle nutrients. This is where biochar plays a crucial role by retaining moisture and nutrients and housing and feeding the millions of organisms in the soil. We’re talking microbes like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and the insects that feast on them, When these organisms interact with biochar, they charge or “inoculate” the biochar bit, creating a valuable piece of the soil's food web. We now have a biochar bit that’s all hopped up with crucial nutrients – releasing and retaining depending on the root's needs and surrounding soil conditions. 

One tablespoon of soil contains an important microscopic metropolis of activity that helps to cycle water and nutrients essential to fostering robust and diverse life. Biochar also helps put much-needed carbon in the soil, diverting it from the air and storing it in the ground! Neat.