Squash Zucchini Midnight Lightning (Organic Seed)

Part Number:
Common Name:
Squash Zucchini
Days to Germinate:
7-14 Days
Direct Sow:
Late Spring
Latin Name:
Cucurbita pepo
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
Start Indoors:
4-6 weeks before last frost
Halifax Store:
Not Available
Saint John Store:
Not Available
Starting Method:
Direct Sow, Start Indoors
Days to Maturity:
55 Days
New for 2024
Not Available Not Available

Extra long and slender zucchini with dark green, almost black coloring. Single-stemmed plants are sturdy and stems have few spines. Plants produce quickly and have good field resistance to disease. The first variety developed on our organic seed farm in Wolcott, Vermont. This variety is protected by the Open Source Seed Initiative - learn more here. BRED BY HIGH MOWING PM tolerant Harvest at 7-8" OSSI Bush-type habit Open-Pollinated