Sunblaster T5 to LED Conversion Lamp

These T5LED Conversion Lamps provide the same great growing performance as our original T5HO fluorescent lamps, with the added benefits of reduced power consumption and an extended operating lifetime of approximately 35,000 hours. That’s 3.5 times longer than our traditional fluorescent lamps! And they contain zero mercury, so they're friendlier to our environment.

Nothing could be easier! Instantly convert T5HO fluorescent driven lighting fixtures to High Quality LED Horticultural output in just seconds. These T5LED Conversion Lamps are 100% compatible with all SunBlaster T5HO Strip Lights and most remote electronic ballasted T5HO lighting fixtures. Perfect for converting T5 compact fluorescents to LED bulbs. Fixtures sold separately, bulb only.

Option Brand Supplies Halifax Store Saint John Store Unit Purchase
18" T5LED 6400K
Sunblaster Lighting Low Availability Available
In Stock
24" T5LED 6400K
Sunblaster Lighting Available Not Available
In Stock
36" T5LED 6400K
Sunblaster Lighting Available Available
Available in Store Only
48" T5LED 6400K
Sunblaster Lighting Available Available
Available in Store Only

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