The butterfly effect

A garden can be a spiritual place. Highly visual and an aromatic treat, gardens are as rewarding as they are demanding, and for some create an atmosphere of equivalent exchange: what you put into your landscape is what it will yield for you. 

That mentality is a good place to start, but there are a few tricks of the trade that’ll help you get the most out of your efforts. At Halifax Seed, we do our utmost to share these insights with you that you might yield an incredibly vibrant, fulfilling garden.

Few things say zen garden quite like butterflies. They’re colourful, attractive, and add a gentle element of life and motion to a garden that’s sought after and appreciated by owners and guests your garden alike. Fortunately, adult butterflies have a reliably cosmopolitan palate and attracting them beyond that can be broken down into a bit of a science.

Though the flower nectar that butterflies rely on for energy is available to them in a myriad of flowering plants, they tend to gravitate towards the gardens that house warm coloured flowers that emit potent fragrances and produce nectar. Attracting butterflies can be as easy as picking up flower mixtures tailored to do just that.

Keep in mind that a pesticide-free garden is key to making your butterfly dreams a reality, and that one patch of nectar-producing plants may not be enough to keep the interest of your vibrant visitors, due to their relatively short lifespan. Instead, plant multiple sources will increase your chances of seeing visitors more often.

Finally, if you’re fully invested in a butterfly-rich garden, consider planting some host plants for butterflies to lay their eggs on. By creating an ecosystem that supports a butterfly’s entire lifecycle, you can turn your colourful visitors into permanent residents.

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