The Speedy Vegetable Garden

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Mark Diacono, Lia Leendertz
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Garden Tips, Vegetable Gardening
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Typically, vegetable gardening is about the long view: peas sown in spring aren"t harvested until summer, and tomatoes started indoors in February can"t be eaten until July. But it"s not true for all plants. Some things can be planted and eaten in weeks, days, even hours. The Speedy Vegetable Garden highlights more than 50 quick crops, with complete information on how to sow, grow, and harvest each plant, and sumptuous photography that provides inspiration and a visual guide for when to harvest. In addition to instructions for growing, it also provides recipes that highlight each crop’s unique flavor, like Chickpea sprout hummus, stuffed tempura zucchini flowers, and a paella featuring calendula. Sprouted seeds are the fastest. Microgreens can be harvested in weeks: cilantro, 14 days after planting; arugula and fennel in 10 days. And a handful of vegetable varieties grow more quickly than their slower relatives, like dwarf French beans (60 days), cherry tomatoes (65 days), and early potatoes (75 days). The Speedy Vegetable Garden puts fresh, seed-to-table food at your fingertips, fast!