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Dark Prop Tent

The Secret Jardin Dark Propagator line of grow tents are a popular choice for growers seeking a lightproof environment for their indoor gardens. Available in a range of sizes, the latest release from the Revision R3.00 line is also one of their smallest, the Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 3' x 2' x 3' Grow Tent. Since the company first began manufacturing grow tents back in 2006, Secret Jardin has been committed to making their products stronger, more durable, and better suited to indoor cultivation. One of the features of the upgraded Dark Proagator is the stronger frame which now has 26% more rigidity then previous models. This frame is powder coated to protect against corrosion, light weight and easy to disassemble and reassemble. The Dark Propagation Tent has been designed to be assembled by one person with no need for tools in a short amount of time - sometimes as little as 5 minutes. The grow tent is covered by a waterproof black canvas that has been lined with premium hammered effect silver mylar. This mylar coating makes the grow tent 95% lightproof and the hammered texture improves it's ability to reflect usable light from the grow lamps. The 210D fabric has 2.5 x the resistance to tears as previous models, plus 3 x the level of resistance to abrasions. To ensure that no moisture leaks from the tent there is an included waterproof floor tray to protect the floor underneath. The Dark Propagator comes with a range of accessories, including a strap and hook to assist with equipment installation, plus a set of cable clips to keep electrical cords from getting tangled up. The grow tent can support up to 110lbs of weight, plus is has a series of port inlets and outlets to assist with ventilation.

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DARK PROP TENT 4' X 2' X 6.7'
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