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PLATs, aka plant mats, are easy-to-use contained work areas for all aspects of plant care. Use PLATs when you re-pot, bottom water, flush semi-hydro, mix soil, need a saucer, make moss poles, and more. Imagine no more tracking soil through your home, leca balls down the drain or water stains when you forget to use a saucer. They're a plant lover's life saver!


The Oxalis triangular PLAT measures 7" x 7" x 7" and is perfect to use as a stylish saucers for pots with bottom diameters of 4.5". You'll never have to move your plant to bottom-water as it's sturdy enough to hold a good drink. Last but not least, the Oxalis can be used for propagating plant babies in your choice of potting medium.

Available colours: Clear, Light Grey.

For a specific colour, please the list desired colour in the "Comments/Notes" box on the checkout page. If no colour is specified, one will be chosen at random.


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