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Broccoli is a 'super food'. It offers Vitamins A and C, protein, potassium, iron, calcium, niacin, dietary fiber and the antioxidant, beta carotene. Growing Tips: Broccoli thrives in rich, loose soil that has been amended with compost or well-rotted manure. For a head start on your crop, sow seed indoors 4 to 6 weeks prior to setting out. For a second harvest in the fall, plant additional seed directly in the garden in late June. Sow 10 to 15 seeds per foot, thinning them to 30cm (12") apart.

Broccoli - Belstar F1 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2302

Broccoli - Belstar F1 (Organic) - Seed Packet

Broccoli - Blue Finn F1 (Seed)

p/n: SU152146

Broccoli - Blue Finn F1 - Seed Packet

Broccoli - Covina F1 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2303

Broccoli Covina F1 Packet

Not Available
Broccoli - De Cicco (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2300

Broccoli - De Cicco (Organic) - Seed Packet

Broccoli - Gemini F1 (Seed)

p/n: SU152144

Broccoli 'Gemini F1' - Seed Packet

Broccoli - Green Magic Hybrid (Seed)

Broccoli - Green Magic Hybrid - Seed Packet

From $3.99/PK
Broccoli - Kichi Wok Broc (Seed)

p/n: SU152217

Wok Broc Chinese Broccoli - Kichi - Seed Packet

Broccoli - Raab (Seed)

Broccoli - Broccoli Raab - Seed Packet

From $2.99
Broccoli - Summer Purple (Seed)

p/n: SU152147

Broccoli - Summer Purple - Seed Packet

Broccoli - Waltham 29 (Organic Seed)

p/n: HM2315

Broccoli - Waltham 29 (Organic) - Seed Packet

Broccoli - Waltham No. 29 (Seed)

Broccoli - Waltham No. 29 - Seed Packet

From $2.99