Summer Purple (Seed)

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Latin Name:
Brassica oleracea
Light Requirements:
Full Sun
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Starting Method:
Direct Sow
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Broccoli (Sprouting) Seeds 'Summer Purple' is a British broccoli variety that has been specially bred for summer and autumn cropping seasons. This means that this type of broccoli does not require a winter season of cold weather to be able to grow a mass of delicious spears! The sturdy stems can grow up to 90cm tall and the plants will produce high yields and bumper crops with regular picking. The scrumptious dark-purple headed florets taste their best when steamed, with an excellent sweet and earthy flavour coming through. This is a must-have and flavoursome addition to many home-cooked dishes, including stir-fries or Sunday roasts to pot pies and vegetable soups.